Chasing Shadows

This is a series in which my one and only focus, was to observe, follow and try to photograph the diversity, ambiguity, and richness of shadows I found in the streets, mostly cast by people on the move.

Most definitely a fun challenge, as well as a great exercise in practicing what I call the three F’s: feeling, finding and following the rhythm of the streets, essentially, dancing along with it.

These are shadows cast by anonymous people, who unknowingly, are the protagonists and play a very important part in my story, in fact, they are the story. 
Little do they know how much they contributed to the essence of this particular series of photographs.

I am very grateful, and dedicate this work to the people in the neighbourhood of Villa de Gràcia, in Barcelona.
I thank them all very much for being out there, enjoying the gorgeous winter sunlight of early January, getting on with their lives, while 'acting' in this story.
Their presence presented me with the fabulous opportunity to capture a plethora of fascinating, curious, and intriguing human shadows, in all sorts of sizes, shapes, and forms.