People's Vote March


On Saturday 20th October 2018, a glorious autumnal day, I spent the afternoon witnessing the gathering of an extremely large and diverse group of people. Though it has not been confirmed, the organisers estimated that around 670,000 people came from all over the country to join the People’s Vote March. The atmosphere was good natured and friendly, as people marched through some of London’s most famous streets before arriving at Parliament Square.
While I was taking photographs I was able to approach some of the crowd and was particularly drawn to those carrying (rather witty) home-made placards representing towns and cities across the country.
Although very briefly, I did manage to talk to some of them; people from all walks of life and very diverse social backgrounds, coming from places all over the UK such as the North-East, Lincolnshire (the “most Brexit” region in England), Swindon, Norfolk, and even some European countries. Something else that I noticed was that there seemed to be a large number of first-timers. It was fascinating to hear how such a wide range of people seemed to have one thing in common; the urgent concern for the future of the country. 

Regardless of political views, I did find it very inspiring and motivating to listen to and share a few moments with the people I met. I also felt obliged to make a contribution in my own way, as this country, London especially, means a lot to me. After all, this city and it's people have been very warm and welcoming to me ever since I arrived in London, precisely 30 years and 17 days before the People’s Vote March of 20th October 2018. 

So, with that thought in mind, armed with love, utmost respect, plenty of humour and my camera, I spent the rest of the afternoon trying to capture the mood and somehow pay a little homage to these wonderful people of the United Kingdom, as well as those nationals from other countries. Undoubtedly, I felt that they were representing us all, those born and bred in the UK, as well as people like myself, whom although were born elsewhere, have chosen this marvellous island to be our adoptive home.