My Name is Lenny - Official Trailer

Director: Ron Scalpello

Director: Ron Scalpello
Production Company: Salon Pictures

Distributors: Lionsgate UK

World Premiere: East End Film Festival, London 2017

My Name Is Lenny is a sport drama which deals with the darker side of unlicensed boxing in the 70s focusing on Lenny McLean (Josh Helman) and his three fights with the undisputed heavyweight champion Roy ‘Pretty Boy’ Shaw (Michael Bisping).

Although the film is based in the world of unlicensed boxing, the film goes beyond the fighting and looks back at some of the events that created the man Lenny was to become. Most notably his relationship with his violent stepfather, played by Lenny’s nephew Martin Askew, who is also one of screenwriters. Through flashbacks you get a glimpse of the violence of his childhood and the drive he had to fight his way out. The film doesn’t make excuses for some of his actions, but it does give you an insight of why it was so important to be known as ‘The Guv’Nor’.

NOMINATED - Best Independent Feature,  National Film Awards, UK 2018